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%Kretinga forest enterprise was established in 1920.

Now the forest enterprise covers about 35000 ha of territory. The forests are situated in North-West Lithuania that is in Klaipeda, Skuodas and Kretinga regions and in Palanga and Klaipeda citys territories. In the North forests have borders with Latvia, in the East with Samogitian National park, Telsiai and Rietavas forest enterprises, in the South with Silute forest enterprise. In the West they reach the Coronian Lagoon and spread more than 40 km over the sea - shore of the Baltic Sea.

The teservations, forest perks and others forests of special destination, where the economic activitiesare restricted make 30 % of the territory.

Pajurio and Salantu regional parks are situated in the territory of Kretinga forest enterprise. The territory of the forest enterprise is not densely covered by forests. The average woodness is 25,7 %. The highest woodness of 35 % is in Kretinga region and the lowest of 16,7 % is Skuodas region and 25 % in Klaipeda region. You can find various species of trees in the forests of Kretinga forestry enterprise. The spruces dominate here. They make about 37 % of total stands volume. The pine forests make 35 %, birch covers - 19 %, black alder - 4 %, oak woods - 2 %, ash - 1 %, aspen woods - 1 %, white alder groves - 1 %.

The forests are taken care of by 12 forest districts. Besides, there is a nursery-garden, traning - information center, subdivisions of productions and hunting.

The main tasks of the forestry enterprise are restoration of the forests, their development, pest control, protection from the diseases and illegal wood cutting.

The aim of the sea-coast zone forests is a following: to grow the woods, which can resist winds, various diseases and to maintain their biological diversity. A great part of the forestry enterprise are recreativ and popular not only among the guests from all Lithuania, too. Roads, bicycle tracks and camping grounds are built for their comfort and convenience.



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